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____ Executive Director ____Foundation 123 Whatchamacallit street,

Dear  _______,

Ancestral Connections is pleased to present this proposal for your review. We look forward to partnering with you to provide a public safety & intervention program for members who have strong ties to their community.  These citizens of communities, which they would like to be responsible for, will be participants and volunteers in the Peacekeepers and Protection Intercession Project. The cities of Regina and Saskatoon have recently been named crime capitals of Canada. The objective of the Peacekeepers and Protection Intercession Project is to help the communities of and surrounding the two major cities in Saskatchewan act as humanitarian and community intervention models.  Participants of the project will be trained, educated and certified in various themes such as; non-violent intervention strategies, First Aid/CPR, self defense, security & safety, first response, patrolling, tracking and search & rescue.  All of these components and activities will be aimed at alleviating and preventing crime and building community safety.  We will see the participants obtain security licenses and many more certificates that would build transferable successes to individuals and communities.
During the past few years, we have seen an influx of attention towards police relations with those in the core communities and on First Nations.  We have seen dramatic improvements of the mentality of those wanting better for themselves and their fellow citizens.  We have also seen and are proud of the fact that many people wanting to take ownership of their communities although are not sure where to begin.  With the Peacekeepers and Protection Intercession Project we are guaranteed to produce citizens who are much more active in the wellness of their localities.  We will also see those at risk become more aware of people patrolling the communities who have a genuine care and interest in their well being.  Peacekeepers and Protection Intercession Project will also work with the local RCMP or city police services when needed.  One of the benefits of having citizens trained in the program is having a community member act as a liaison for certain situations where necessary.  Some of these instances may be Land claims issues, no go zones, sacred and ceremonial places of significance, child safety & apprehension, missing persons and also mediate with those who do not have trust in the authorities.  Peacekeepers and Protection Intercession Project will act as and may be called on as an intermediary in these situations.
We have seen the need for crime prevention and safety and we are now seeking to address the needs of all stakeholders of respective communities. Our proposal requests $___, in funding to obtain the training, meals and lodging for project participants. Travel and honorariums for facilitators is also necessary to equip  Ancestral Connections to supply the Peacekeepers and Protection Intercession Project with these valuable human resources.
We appreciate ___ Foundation taking an interest in helping our citizens develop their care and empowerment for their communities through the Peacekeepers and Protection Intercession Project.  Please give me a call if you require any further information or have any questions concerning this proposal.
Thank you,
Jessica Gordon

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