Friday, 16 May 2014

Change The Game By Not Playing At All

We cant keep fighting colonial government for something we can and should be doing ourselves.
Resurgence of our traditions, return to use of the land by taking only what you need for sustenance, medicines, prayers and teaching.
All of these laws, policies and politics won't mean a damn thing when they come to lay pipe, build wells, steal water and remove people. Its going to come down to on the land protection.
Setting up camps, freedom schools &  mapping where the sacred sites and traditional use areas are, so we prove we are actually USING the lands. We will have the basis of ongoing use of the land once we get out there.
The chiefs, Confederacy,  PTOs can still be relevant by directing their resources to local communities for things such as survival training,  traditional land use, mapping, freedom schools and direct action TRAINING - so we can be prepared to minimize the possibility of arrests, "injunctions" by knowing and exercising our rights based on court cases, international law, and most importantly inherent.
Rather than react to government and colonial structures of AFN, why not draft declarations that we are returning to the land, that we are inherently free, that we are responsible to the land, water and people.
Can they stop you from being free? Hell no. Change the game by not playing at all.

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