Saturday, 3 May 2014

Knowledge is Free

Autonomous education is what I prefer rather than having our children herded into a system and curriculum based on colonial constructs.  
The free will to choose what is best for our children rather than a one size fits all model. We are built of many nations and to think that legislation, even if we were the ones writing the regulations - the rich diversity of our culture would be sacrificed to some extent.
The ability to choose, what parents and their children feel necessary to learn,  is true freedom.  Working with like minded people to develop their own curriculum,  support and share  knowledge is liberation.  
Developing Freedom schools, home-schools, charter schools and co-ops is what I would love to see. Something like this takes coordination, commitment and resources.  
If there was a fight I am willing to put all my dedication into it would be gathering these resources and pressuring the government to also provide. Regardless of what the government does or doesn't do, I believe we can still do what is necessary for our childrens future. 
Once we begin to establish nationhood and modelling holistic education, governance, protection; others will follow suit.  Indigenous as well as those not originally from Turtle Island will see these models as a concept that works to not only protect humanity but Mother Earth as well.
We will provide cultural teachings, language and land based education to our children as priority while incorporating math, science and other subjects given in conventional education systems. 
Shifting the worldview that success isn't based on western concepts of materialism and financial wealth to the worldview that what we as Indigneous people know - success based on the wellbeng, health and comfort of our families and Mother Earth.

If there is to be any mobilization against government it should be done as an act of resurgence rather than reaction.There is a great opportunity now to pressure the government by exercising our jurisdiction of education.  It is my belief that if a mass mobilization of parents, educators, traditional knowledge keepers and Elders liberated their children from schools, even for just a short time, as we establish more secure means of teaching our own, we can send a message to the government, school boards and provincial regulators.  They will see and feel the potential results that we are a force to be reckoned with.  They will see that they must heed our warning and provide the resources necessary to make Indigenous peoples education a priority.   With all the technology available, the possibilities for reaching many is endless. Satellite schools can be set up in homes, halls, band offices and even in parks on the land.  Free universities that provide every bit of relevant concepts that conventional institutions teach can be a reality.  Knowledge is free, degrees are not.  It is the ability to exercise our responsibilities that we are fighting for.

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  1. this is great Jess ! gives people thought & hope .I think so many feel this , more than are shown because they probably feel isolated so have not spoken .just in that state of frustration yet the unknowing what to do , where to go etc.
    I think Your idea to connect each other will build strength & encourage people to try some new approaches .
    I know the worries as parents , will our kids as adults make it . we have been fed all our lives we will be nothing without this specific stereotypical form of education . it is a lie !
    plain & simple . it takes great strength though I know to have that trust of the unknown when it comes to the future of our kids .
    I am so lax now because I have the 5 adult children now as my proof . if children know they are of worth , if they truly have belief they are loved .they come out fine .
    so if I could give any parent encouragement it is that . as parents our goal is not what accreditation will our children have as an adult . our goal is to have beautiful unique individuals emerge .who care about all , who give , who share . so that they may go out into the world & share themselves to respect & be a part of .in the end all of that which creates these amazing people has nothing to do with money or being accredited. I really have hope Your message will reach many people & will create a really strong encouragement .once people drop that fear they really will see how learning is endless & has no boundaries .


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